My Experience

I'm so excited for life!

I’m so excited for life!

My experience was new and very exciting. I had been looking forward to getting a taste in online journalism and blogging and learning more about the power of social media has transformed the way I think and how I go about trying to promote my style. Twitter has become a valuable news tool to help keep me up to date on the latest events. WordPress wasn’t necessarily new to me but the learning of the mechanics in taking your blog to the next step has been fascinating. HTML and CSS have been interests of mine before the class but I’m not going to lie, it can be a bit intimidating when going at it alone. This class definitely helped me be better prepared for the online world and taught me how to use the tools to help me succeed, whether it be in online writing, publishing or being able to navigate media that others don’t fully grasp or understand. I’ve never been more excited in pursuing my career in media. Thank you once again for being such a hands on professor! Cheers.

-Andrew J. Conroy

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