Playoff Picture, the “Then” and “Now”: Eastern Conference

A disappointing start has the state of New York hanging it's head

A disappointing start has the state of New York hanging it’s head.

With the first month of season over and with a clearer picture beginning to show on who is the real deal and who is just a sheep in wolf’s clothing we come to a radical new look at who may be going into the postseason come April.

So first thing’s first, the Eastern Conference looks like an implosion is imminent, the two New York franchises are floundering, injuries are one thing but the lack of effort, finger pointing and abysmal chemistry problems that exist have knocked these would be contenders on their ass, not knowing how to fix the problems prevalent. The only true contenders at this point from the Eastern Conference look to be Indiana and Miami now with Rose knocked off for the season. The draft order that I had originally had went something like this:

  1. Miami
  2. Indiana
  3. Chicago
  4. Knicks
  5. Brooklyn
  6. Cavaliers
  7. Washington
  8. Detroit

Now what does it look like after the first month? Minus the first two teams on the list, everything has changed. Atlanta is in position to have home court advantage, the two New York teams take up the 2 out of the last 3 places in the Eastern Conference, Jason Kidd is spilling drinks, Chicago looks towards another season without it’s floor general, Washington has jumped to the front of the pack, the Cavaliers look frustrated way too early and can someone please tell Josh Smith that he is not a small forward. THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AGAIN!!!! This was supposed to be the year the East went from the “Least” to the “Beast” and now we have teams running around with their heads cut off trying to solve internal issues plaguing many of them. Now I find myself enjoying the Tank Teams more so than the “Contenders”. Is it possible that there is time to right the ship before sinking? For some of these teams yes, the Nets, Knicks and Bulls have the ability to pick themselves up from the ground with the leadership and veterans that are on their respective squads. Injuries will have it’s handprints over these teams but one can’t let the blame solely rest on that excuse. So now I’ll pray for this season to be salvaged from mediocrity in the Eastern Conference, I know a few Western Conference teams that are looking at the East with salivating mouths. Let’s hope the East steps up it’s game in the coming months (don’t keep your hopes up).

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