Top Shot

There are plenty of specialists in the NBA. There’s the bangers down low that get you rebounds, the speedsters that burn rubber more than Herbie and Lindsay Lohan, the scorers who rack up points using a variety of skills. But then, there are the shooters. The guys that will light you up any given night from any point beyond the arc. There’s Ray Allen, the proven veteran who has more clutch moments than standard car drivers. There’s Kevin Durant, the scorer with touch for torching from deep. Then, there’s Steph Curry. Curry is the new kid on the block that decided to shoot up the whole league from deep, whether it was in New York where he went 11-13 from deep and scored 54 points in MSG! The kid can shoot and shoot well, he lit up the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs and gave the Spurs their most challenging series other than the Heat. It was easy to look past him for his shortcomings and numerous injury issues, but if you leave this sniper open, he will take the shot and most likely will leave you wondering if he could Mark Wahlberg in disguise..

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