The Old Guard

We’ve heard this term in a variety of ways. “Veterans”, “Old”, “Golden Years”, “Aged”. Some are compliments, the others a dig at the age of a team or certain players. In the NBA you see it around the league, the New York Knicks were one Tracy McGrady away from being the “Expendables”, old players past their prime that still want the spotlight (I’m looking at you Sylvester Stallone) the Spurs are the embodiment of “Space Cowboys” grizzled veterans who show the kids how it’s done and then there’s the new look New York Nets, closely resembling “Stand Up Guys” old dudes who still could pack a punch in scoring and in defense but you’re worried they will break down any minute. (without the help of a “magic pill”) They are masters of their game, thinkers, leaders, guys who have weathered the storm of hype, loss and icing of every joint in their body. These are the guys who you want to ride into the sunset one last time. The Spurs were close to it last year, barely missing Timmy’s most epic exit ever. Then there are the guys who want to soak in the glory of playing, proving to themselves and others they still got some gas left in the tank (Kobe you are an embodiment of hard work, and possibly the newest “Rocky” movie. These guys are the one’s you’ll talk about for years to come, the one’s that some people grew up with watching dominate and then for some, sadly watching the old guys wither away. They are looking for one more opportunity, one last crusade. Don’t write them off just yet, I know Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan would still have something to say if you did. They are the Old School, they are the Old Guard.

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